Bader Al Mutawa

Bader Al Mutawa

Began playing with the club Qadsia at the stage of youth in 1994, and in 2003 was scaled up to the first team for the first time, in his first season with the team was able to score the equalizer in front of Salmiya Club in the final of the Prince Cup 2002/2003 where it was stated that the target people Bjasm Jacob, and was the best seasons in terms of goalscoring is the point of the 2005/2006 season where he scored 40 goals in all competitions.

Al-Mutawa's performance for both club and national teams lead to his being awarded as the 2nd best Asian player in 2006. Though Al-Mutawa was handed the prize for 3rd place, which belonged to Saudi national Mohammad Al-Shalhoub, this was corrected later on and the Asian Football Committee assured that Al-Mutwa had won 2nd place.

In the Gulf Cup for Clubs 2008/2009, was able to score three in the range of Club Creek country to lead the Qadisiyah to beat them 5-0, which competes for the title of best player in the championship with the club player of the creek Brazilian Fabricio Souza, Mohammed Shahrani player Al Nasr Saudi Arabia, and he had won the award for best player in the game twice in the match in the club Creek and match in the club Renaissance Oman, which is top scorer with 6 goals, has earned the title of best player in the first round of the tournament Gulf, and after the tournament won the tournament's top scorer.

On December 1, 2008 he scored his only way back double in the match against Kuwait's Al Shabab in the match which they won one goal in the opening of the second section of the Kuwaiti League 2008/2009.

On 16 December 2008 finished second in the Al-Wasat Kuwait referendum to choose the best player in Kuwait in 2008 behind teammate Ahmad Al Qadisiya wonder who won the 541 voice.

After the transfer of Al-Mutawa to the youth club Saudi Arabia may be required by giving an opportunity to move to the Saudi league, and there is one club from the agreement of the Saudi attached to their ranks, has introduced Club agreement Saudi 400 thousand U.S. dollars to him while a student Qadsia increase the amount to 750 thousand U.S. dollars, has made Al-Ahli Saudi introduced a $800 thousand for him, has refused to Qadsia View Club agreement of the Saudi non-relevance of the value and size of the player and display Ahli Saudi Sheikh Talal Fahad Al-Sabah that the offer was contractor and that the club is dealing with official bodies, has denied the Al-Ahli Saudi negotiate the player, was nominated by the press reports on January 27, 2009 he moved to Al Ittihad Saudi Arabia On February 4, 2009 it was said that he will be given compensation Qadsia of the offers received from foreign clubs, may be exceeded by the amount of compensation provided to the transmission.

He was awarded the league's top scorer Kuwait for local players in the 2008/2009 season with 10 goals .

It has been speculated in the News on July 18, 2009 that the Al-Mutawa Christterv in the 2009/2010 season if the club Qadisiyah contract with the Syrians and Firas Al Khatib Jehad Al Hussein, will be distinguished him as a reward for his efforts in past seasons.

On January 16, 2010, Qadsia secretary revealed that Málaga CF may bid for the player experience in the period from January 17 until 24 January On January 19, 2010 arrived in Malacca and engaged in training.

He won the award for best football player in Kuwait in 2009 by the Department of festival.

On July 23, 2012 he began training with Nottingham Forest after Nottingham Forest's new owners, the Al-Hasawi family, arranged a one-month trial for the striker. He impressed manager Sean O'Driscoll enough that the club were looking to sign him on a permanent basis but he was denied a work permit and the club wasn't able to sign him.




Al Nassr - Al Fateh

Saudi Professional League

King Fahd International Stadium, 12 August


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