Fahad Al HerafI

Fahad Al HerafI

At the end of 1982, a new player has been recorded in "ALNassr" club records, who seemed to be a promising player, he came to "ALNassr" from "Alnakhil" club at "Beesha", he was young and "ALNassr" contracted then with the new coach "Paolo Ceasar Karbajiani" who had no idea about the basic players and the new players, that had given chance to all players to prove themselves in the playground to be chosen for the best formation of the team.

The chance for the new player "Fahd Alhereefy" was great to prove his existence with the new coach so that the coach liked him and gave him the chance to be a basic player in one of the matches.

The coach "Garbajiani" didn't know that he gave the chance to the player only but also he gave the chance to the Saudi sports as a whole to upgrade and gave"ALNassr" club to be preferred rather than other teams by joining "Fahad Alherifi" as source of power in the center half of "ALNassr" club and the Saudi national team so that "Alherrefy" joined some of the best Saudi players in the national team

After years of hard working, "Alherifi" became the club and the national teams' leader he hitched his name in the list of the best Saudi players

His beginning with AL Nassr

ALNassr" football team played two friendly matches in front of "AlEthad" team in "Alriadh" and "Jeddah" which ended in 0:0 and, then "Fahd Alherrefy" appeared as if he had wide experience plus to much effort with the team, that what always "Fahd Alherrefy" is especial for as if it was the first minute in the match.

In "ALNassr" match in front of "Alshulah" which ended 4:2 to "ALNassr", "Fahd Alherrefy "was the man of the match in both sportive level and in scoring goals, as he scored two goals of the match goals.

After all that levels and goals with the first team all people recognized his talent and he had reserved a basic position in the team which was not easy to keep it then.

"ALNassr" was full of first class stars that setting at substitutes bench was considered to be excellence and superiority, while wearing "ALNassr" T-shirt was event itself, and confession that he was a first front player as well

Achievements with ALNassr

Alherifi participated in helping ALNassr to get many titles, which are

King Cup 1985- 1986-1989
Shield of league 1988

Saudi premier league twice and sequential 1993 - 1994
Plus to many finals he participated in with his colleagues either local or international

Fahd Alherrefy is considered to be the most special center half player in KSA in the latest two decades, some of his advantages:

- Play maker

- Both head and foots scorer

- He has much efforts along the match

- High fitness

- He basically participate in breaking the watch on strikers

- He has wide area in the playground that he can play in perfect

In 1993, he was the first participant in allowing "ALNassr" to gain the league championship trophy, especially in the absence of the big player "Maged AbduAllAh"

In 1995, a misunderstanding happened between him and his club that developed to be so complicated that made him leave the team along 1995, 1996 till the end of season 1997

Fans of "ALNassr" watched his back in Asia cup championship finals that been organized by "ALNassr" at the end of 1997, but postponing his return disappointed the fans been waiting for this return.

In 1998, "Fahd Alherrefy" returned to represent the team again after long absence last for 3 seasons, his return was a good sign for club fans, as "ALNassr" team had won the Asian super cup by a goal he scored himself.

In 2000,"Fahd Alherrefy" was the leader of "ALNassr" to rise the Saudi flag up in the first clubs world cup championship that held in Brazil, "ALNassr" team presented an honorable playing level and good results which had given great idea about this premiere team strength, offcourse "Fahd Alherrefy" was one of the big stars in this championship

He scored the equality goal in the premiere "Royal Madrid" net, by the way "Fahd Alherrefy" was the striker of "ALNassr" in this international championship.

"Fahd Alherrefy" along his football history had scored about (65) goals with "ALNassr" club although he was playing as a center half player; also he had made tens of good and effective goals with both "ALNassr" club and the national team.

Although years and years have passed since "Fahd Alherrefy" retirement from "ALNassr" center half playing, "ALNassr" fans still can't find a Saudi player that can full the hollow upraised by "Alherrefy" absence.

Also they still remember those crazy matches that he used to turn their results up down after his presence in the playground with his magical passes and perfect goals.

If you ask anyone who is the maestro of the Saudi football, instantly you will get the answer is "Fahd Alherrefy", Fans called him "The Maestro" and "the leader of ALNassr orchestra" as all what he presented on the playground was like playing a unique rare symphony as football lovers say.




Al Nassr - Al Fateh

Saudi Professional League

King Fahd International Stadium, 12 August


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